dunes of cumbuco

The Beach is a favorite of tourists and is famous for offering fun attractions, such as buggy adventures through the huge dunes, or quadricycle, raft yours and horseback riding.

The sea has warm waters which are great for relaxing, and looks lovely. The winds are also characteristic of the location, and the main reason why it attracts surfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts from around the world.

the beaches of cumbuco

For kite surfing lovers.
30 kilometers from Fortaleza,
Cumbuco winds in no more than 3 streets but facing a very long beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
In July begins what they call “a temporada dos ventos” (the windy period) and this small village is transformed in a short time into the empire of kitesurfers from all over the world.
Over time, thanks to the geography of the place lends itself a lot, many kite house were born where you can sleep, eat sea view and, of course, kite / take lessons every day.
In the evening the village comes alive! I recommend a dinner of churrasco (X meat lovers) or lobster at the restaurant Varandas de Cumbuco and then continue the evening at the legendary local Laranja Mecanica sipping the excellent Caipirinha de Caçasa (which costs the amount of € 2!) And listening to live music!

Cauipe lagoon

CAUIPE is the most famous lagoon, where you can see the most famous riders in the world do impossible tricks and where we from Kite Center Garda Lake organize freestyle camps


CAUIPE la laguna più famosa, dove potrai vedere i Rider più conosciuti al mondo fare trick impossibili e dove noi di Kite Center Garda Lake organizziamo i camp di freestyle